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Nail Enhancement

We offer all times of nail enhancements for you in what ever styles your want. Come out looking and feeling confident with the nails that reflect your mood or personality.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Full Set

Acrylic Fill

Acrylic P&W Full Set

Acrylic P&W Fill





Hard Gel Builder

Hard Gel Builder Full Set

Hard Gel Builder Fill



Process using a type of Hardening Gel to build up your nails. Requires LED UV lights to cure.

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder Full Set


Using pigment powder and an adhesive, layers are build up to create a then natural look over your nails.

Dipping Powder Fill


Silk Wrap

Silk Wrap Full Set

Silk Wrap Fill



You can add any of these to your Nail Enhancements


Oval Shape

Coffin Shape

Nail Extension



$5 - $10


Acrylic for Removal Only


Acrylic for Removal with Full Set


Polish & Gel

Ambrea (Only with Nail Extension)

French Polish

French Gel

Gel Polish









Cuticle Cleanaing


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